Spray Max Clear 2-Part Clear


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12 oz. Spray Max Catalyed Clear


Spray Max 2 Part Clear Coat

This is the greatest invention since sliced bread. High end (fuel proof) clears require a 3 part mix of chemicals, mixed together before they are applied. This spray can has a balloon bladder inside it. When you push the button on the bottom of the can it breaks the balloon mixing the chemical together.

The result is a $300 clear coat job for $25… and no clean up.

Once activated the can is good for about 2 hours with full dry in about 3 hours. If you take into account the amount of product you waste mixing, cleaning, and blowing away, this 12oz can will shoot the complete on most 700 planes.

Final result is fantastic, can be color sanded, recoated, blended and polished just like the $300 stuff.

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